Interactive Session between RDA and BUP

Interactive Session between RDA and BUP

11 Mar 2024

On 11th march Monday  at BUP Bijoy Auditorium at 1100hrs, Dr. Abdullah Al Mamun, Additional Director General of the Rural Development Academy (RDA), led an interesting discussion at BUP that shed light on the intricacies of RDA's role within the development sector. Dr. Mamun's expertise illuminated the challenges faced by practitioners in implementing sustainable solutions, from bureaucratic hurdles to socio-economic disparities.

In the engaging Q&A session that ensued, students eagerly posed thought-provoking questions, seeking clarification on various aspects of RDA and its real-world applications. Dr. Mamun provided nuanced responses, drawing from their wealth of experience to inspire the next generation of development professionals.

Following the session, Dr. Mamun had a meeting with the Dean and Vice Chancellor about future collaboration between RDA and Development Studies. They discussed potential joint research projects, student internships, and knowledge-sharing initiatives aimed at fostering sustainable development.

Moreover, the MSS 2024 Batch, who had previously participated in an RDA field trip, were acknowledged during the session. Dr. Mamun presented them with certificates for their hard work and dedication, further motivating them to actively engage in developmental activities.

As the session concluded, participants departed with a deeper understanding of RDA's significance in addressing global challenges and a renewed sense of purpose in contributing to sustainable development initiatives.