• Invitation for Tender (01/202-2021) - Learning Manage...

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  • Eid-Ul-Azha Message to Students from Dean, FASS on 31...

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  • Admission Advertisement of Language Program- July 2020

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  • Language Course Application Form

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  • Protocol_Online Education in BUP (08 Jul 2020)

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  • Admission Advertisement of LLM (Professional), Sessio...

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  • MBA (Professional) Admission Advertisement (Session: ...

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  • LLM (Professional) Admission Test Final Result (May-A...

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    28, Jun, 2020

    Webinar on ‘Research Article Writing Proce...

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    24, Jun, 2020

    12th Annual Senate Meeting held at BUP

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    24, May, 2020

    Eid -Ul - Fitr Message from The Vice Chanc...

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